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As with many innovations, Easy Radar was born out of a personal passion. The Owner and Chief Engineer Karl Harrar (an avid treasure hunter and amateur urban archeologist),was frustrated that there was not a reliable and affordable GPR on the market. With his degree in Electronic Engineering,years of experience in manufacturing, and network of professionals he got to work.

Ten years later the result is the very first of it’s kind- a useful, rugged, and easy to use system available for professionals, hobbyist and business owners. A great product that you don’t need an engineering degree to operate!

Located in Aiken South Carolina we build GPR products that offer the same features and professional quality found in the big name, high priced systems- but at a fraction of the cost.

Our staff brings together the talents of Electronic, Mechanical and Computer Science Engineers with over 85 years of combined experience.

Company Founder

My name is Karl Harrar and since 1985 I have designed electronic circuits working for many large and small companies, Raytheon (Javelin and Tow missile systems), Motorola (hand held communication devices), Smithsonian Institute (MMTO Telescope), Honeywell (B1B air data computer), DRS (night vision and thermal imaging systems), 3M (Control System Design), VW proving ground (Endurance vehicle testing), and a many other smaller electronic manufacturing companies.

A little over 5 years ago I started work on a Ground Penetrating Radar System that would be affordable, rugged and high resolution. The other main goal was to make it easy to use.

This unit has gone through many design updates over the last 5 years to provide the best possible product and with every effort made to keep the cost down. I wanted to make systems available for the person that could not afford the normal 15K plus price tag.

This is a product that I’m really excited about offering to the public and as an enthusiast myself, I hope that you find it as useful as I have!

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