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I purchased my EZ Radar almost 2 years ago, the product, as well as the service provided by Karl and EZ Radar has been fantastic. I run a home inspection business and as part of my service I conduct underground oil tank locating. The traditional method of doing this is with a magnetic field locator. Once a target it identified ground probing (or worse digging a two-foot hole to visually confirm is necessary). I searched for an affordable GPR for years, and the closest I came was a $10K used model. Then I found EZ Radar. For a quarter of the price, I received a fully functioning 500 MHz GPR that has made my life infinitely easier! This unit has never been wrong! Recently I had Karl upgrade my radar, he went above and beyond what was expected. I highly recommend Karl and EZ radar. You wont be sorry!

Nick Taormina

Setup is Fast and Easy!

Welcome to Easy Radar USA!

For far too long, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems have been priced out of reach for many hobbyists and small business owners. Our goal was to produce a system that could compete with the features and capabilities of existing GPR units, but at a much lower cost. Easy Radar’s proprietary technology along with state of the art production techniques allows us to offer radar units at a fraction of the cost. Plus, we sell direct to our customers. No middleman saves you even more money!

All our units use Windows notebooks or Android tablets instead of custom display/controllers. This further reduces the cost of the system and gives the end user many more choices.They are modular and can be updated in the future by simple replacement of system level components.

The result is a highly functional GPR unit that is rich with features, durable, affordable and flexible!

We can put the advantage of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in your hands at an amazing price, whether you want to grow your business or find buried treasure.

As the name implies, the Easy Radar is designed and manufactured right here in the “Good ole” USA. We employ many talented individuals to produce the best quality GPR, at the best price. Located in Aiken South Carolina, Easy Radar is an engineer owned an operated business.

All our units carry a full one year parts and labor warranty! (see policies page for full details)

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